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Itchy Feet Superstition: Truth Behind The Notion
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This might be a lack of happiness or anything else. If you had a dream about having multiple feet, then this dream means you have taken on more obligations than you can fulfill. Give yourself some space and time to enjoy life and let others worry about their own problems and obligations.

Itchy Left Foot In Dreams

This person might also be your boss or someone else superior to you, and getting rid of this influence might be harder than you think. If you had a dream about hurting your hand, then this dream means your ego has been hurt by someone.

Itchy Right foot Meaning | What does it Mean when your Right foot itches?

This person is someone superior to you or someone really close to you, and this makes the situation even worse. If your hands were bloody, in a dream, then this means you feel some sort of guilt because of something you have done or said. Maybe you have insulted someone or made someone feel bad, and now the guilt is coming back to haunt you in your dreams.

If you know to what situation this dream is referring to, then find that person and apologize or at least explain your actions. This way you will be able to feel better about yourself and stop feeling so guilty. If only your left hand was itching you, then this means you are going to gain something or earn something, and if you right hand was itching, then you might end up failing at your projects or business plans.

Itchy feet Meaning

If you were washing your hands in the dream, then this means you are having a hard time facing responsibilities in life. You might also be running away from your problems, because this seems like the easiest way.

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Best thing you can do is to turn around and face all of the obligations because that is the only way you can feel at ease with yourself. If you had a dream about your left hand, then this dream represents your way of handling things in life or your personality.

Common Superstitions About the Body

All Sections. If you have a huge black ant population at your house or yard, it can be taken as a sign that you'll become rich. Pay attention to your itches and its after effects to find out the truth behind these. Both the knees: will commit deeds and win the hearts of those in authority. The Astrological Houses "The Bhavas". Hazzaa undergoes medical tests in Moscow.

However, superstitions are also based on specific part of the foot. There are also beliefs regarding ankles and legs. When right foot itches, beliefs say that the person will soon embark on a journey. The traveler will be welcomed with open arms upon reaching their destination and it will be profitable. If you are superstitious and feel the tingling in your right foot, then be prepared with last minute travel plans. As far as the sole is concerned, the person is likely to undertake an activity of joy and satisfaction.

It can also bring good luck in decisions relating to difficult projects and tasks.

He will be successful in overcoming obstacles. Even Rafael Nadal finds his right foot lucky. He always puts out his right foot first out of the court. The video is given on the next page.

Left foot is also associated with travelling but the end of the journey might not be pleasant. If itching occurs on the sole of left foot, it means to face big losses on the journey or the traveler will receive a cold welcoming arrival. According to another belief, you might also want to stay at home. In a nutshell, left foot itch brings disappointment and failures in tasks.

The treatment will take on the location of itching on the left foot.

Apart from the two beliefs above, feet itching is also aligned with melancholy. Also, the person is unfulfilled in some or the other part in his life whether they are aware or not. Another variant is foretelling a family death in future.

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Well, that was all the sad part. But there is no reason to believe in a little superstition especially when it benefits us.

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